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TVC Transmission is a brief, insightful email where I share 3 projects that had the biggest impact on me that fortnight.

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I’m passionate about thought-provoking photography that captivates, educates and informs us about our modern world.

That’s why I created TVC Transmission. Each fortnight I share 3 great projects that I think you need to know, and a short piece on why I chose them, direct to your inbox.

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Past Issues

Issue #006: Arthur Crestani, Zhao Xiaomeng & Scott Conarroe

Issue #005: Enda Bowe, Kyler Zeleny & Dustin Shum

Issue #004: Ben Huff, Bill Lane & Jeff Rich

Issue #003: George Morris, Toshio Shibata & Norman Behrendt

Issue #002: Max Sher, Jaeuk Lee & Ciaran Dunbar

Issue #001: Antoine Bruy, David Spero & Christophe Caudroy