What’s Included

What’s included?

Your book design includes my prompt personal attention, together with the following:

A full-color book cover
I’ll complete your front cover, spine and back cover to your complete satisfaction, at the book size of your choice. If your book is a hardcover with dust jacket, your book cover will also include design of the flaps and a foil-stamped spine for the hardcover book.

All pages designed and typeset
I’ll design and typeset all your pages to your complete satisfaction, including any front matter (title page, copyright page, table of contents, acknowledgements, dedication, preface, foreword, introduction) or back matter (references, bibliography, glossary, index) you may have.

Full rights to your final book design
You will own all the rights to your final book design.

All digital files in high-resolution format
Your book will be designed in InDesign, industry standard software for designing for print. All final digital files are 300 dpi, the resolution required for printing, or as required by your printer.

Specially sized images of your cover for promotional purposes
When your book is finished, I’ll provide you with various sizes of low-resolution images of your book’s front cover to use for promoting your book online. Use these for websites, emails, and uploading to online book vendors such as Amazon.

A package with all your final digital files
After your book goes to press, I’ll send you a package containing all your digital files, both high and low resolution, for your records and safekeeping. Down the road, if you choose to reprint your book anywhere in the world, you can simply present use this package and know that your book can be printed.